[A X NORMAL] Normal Perfumes - Ivory Downy


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Best hot item in Korea in 2017. It is the best seller sold 300,000 a year.
Allergen Free Air Fresheners fabric mist Normal Perfumes.

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A x NORMAL Normal Perfumes - Ivory Downy

Ivory Downy features a balmy and cozy feeling such as touching soft and dried linen sheet that combines fresh apple with lime.
Such combination delivers a fresh and homey feeling like after taking a shower.
Moreover, Alluring and warm fragrances from Rose bouquet add agreeable atmosphere

Capacity: 100ml

Brand: A x Normal by Korea, South

Four Reasons to Choose Normal Perfume over Other Fiber Fragrances
1. Allergen FREE
2. 99.6% strong deodorization
3. 99.9% natural antibacterial
4. Skin 24 hour test - low irritation certification

The second product made by ANORMAL presents a special feeling in your daily life.

ANORMAL suggests the first and sole premium fabric perfume in Korea which is made of only allergen-free ingredients.
- Allergen-free
We made the first and sole fabric perfume in Korea without containing 26 potentially allergic ingredients.
- Antibacterial effect from organic ingredients kills 99.9 percentage of germs
Use Cypress and ingredients derived from natural resources which are guaranteed its antibacterial effect on bacillus and  Staphylococcus aureus(kill 99.9%) by IPO(Korean Intellectual Property Office) and ECOCERT(in France)
- 99.6% of deodorizing ability
Our product is authorized its ability to eliminate Ammonia (99.6%), Tri-methylamine (99.6%), formaldehyde (80%) by KCL(Korea Conformity Laboratories)
- Long-lasting scent
It is not diluted by other elements( such as body odor, sweat etc). So it can delicately last its scent on garment for long
- Certified hypo-allergenic product
Normal Perfume is passed a skin stimulus test by authorized testing organization. So you can trust its proven safety. Feel free to apply it to baby garments as well.

Normal Perfume allows you to not only enjoy such luxurious aroma like a diffuser

But also protect your garments against harmful bacteria.
Normal Perfume is the safe product which is created for protecting consumers’ health
- It does not contain both bactericides which may inflict harm on people and 26 potentially allergic ingredients.
- Simply spray Normal Perfume on everywhere which is hard to wash such as sofa, bed mattress and garments.
- It can delicately last its pleasant scent for long due to its ability to not dilute by combining with other elements( such as body order, sweat etc).

4 clear reasons for choosing Normal Perfume

1. Normal Perfume is the first and sole allergen-free fabric perfume in Korea which is made by only allergen-free ingredients.
The result of health risk assessment of the deodorant and air fresheners’ ingredients shows more than 80 percent of products
which are available in the market contain allergic ingredients.
There are a lot of deodorant and air freshener products in our lives. However, most products excessively use harmful chemical ingredients to reduce manufacturing cost according to shown the result of health risk assessment (Data from Naver news)

However, ANORMAL never uses 26 potentially allergic ingredients which might inflict skin trouble.

We designed Normal Perfume for relieving anxiety in recent fragrances and perfumes market by eliminating such allergic ingredients which are noticed by IFRA(International Fragrance Association) and KFDA(Korea Food and Drug Administration), and proving its safety even compare to raw aromatic ingredients.
Detergent is a sort of potentially hazardous products which has to notice contained allergic ingredients according to notification
Korea ministry of Environment (Changed in 01/2017)
The content of notification
The company should notice the name and function of 26 potentially allergic ingredients such as Benzyl alcohol in order to minimize the side-effect on consumers who have a dermal hypersensitivity when such people use the product,
if the *detergent contains such ingredients more than 0.01%
(*detergent, synthetic detergent, bleach, fabric conditioner)
As a matter of fact, the products which ANORMAL sells are not included in the notification
but we push our self strictly to show our efforts on present perfectly safe product to customers.
Since it is perfectly hypo-allergenic fabric perfume which has mild ingredients and no stimulus,
feel free to use it whenever and wherever you want.

2. Normal Perfume shows a perfect antibacterial effect and deodorizing ability.
Normal Perfume can strongly deodorize the stink of clothes, bad odor in house by using authorized extracts based on plants
99.6 percent of odor is deodorized
Decrease of 99.6 percent of Ammonia - Sewage smell, The odor of rotten food

Decrease of 99.6 percent of Trimethlyamine - The rotten fish smell, BBQ flavor

Decrease of 80 percent of formaldehyde - Sick building syndrome, the smell of glue, smoke smell

The test report which is conducted by KCL of deodorization on Ammonia, trimethlyamine, formaldehyde

Organic way of antibacterial effect kills 99.9 percentage of germs
Kill germs or bacteria in the garment and inside the building by using the extract of cypress, grapefruit, green tea
In 2015, we got ‘NATURAL AND ORGANIC GRADE’ about a whole range of manufacturing process including raw material by ECOCERT
What is ECOCERT?

-ECOCERT is an Inspection and certification body established in France and ECOCERT has opted to put its technical expertise to use it supporting the environment, developing its own specifications for the inspections and certification of products, systems and services. By defining strict requirements that meet consumer expectations, group encourages economic stakeholders to adopt responsible practices.
This is the test result of antibacterial effect on bacillus and
Staphylococcus aureus conducted by KCL

Kill 99.9 percentage of E.coli and Staphylococcus aureus

3. Normal Perfume is safe
Certified hypo-allergenic product

Normal Perfume is the product which passed HRIPT(Human Repeat Insult Patch Testing)

What is the HRIPT?

This is the test which applies to all cosmetic products for guaranteeing the safety of the product when it applies to human’s skin, and Normal Perfume was classified hypoallergenic cosmetic by testing organization. So you can spray it on baby clothes too.
Do not worry about your skin especially when your skin is exposed by fabric perfume because
it passed HRIPT by KDRI(Korea Dermatology Research Institute)
Undetected 10 harmful substances

Normal Perfume never use those substances(Below)
Formaldehyde / Methanol/ Ethylene oxide/ Naphthalene/ Chlorine peroxide /
Iodopropynyl butylcarbamate/ Silver/ Benzene/ Glyoxal/ Trichloroethylene
Normal Perfume was examined its safety via safety regulation on deodorant
which has more strict standard than air freshener one by KCL and
Normal Perfume was certified which does not contain 10 harmful substances‘
Moreover, ANORMAL never uses PHMG, PGH, PHMB, CMIT, MIT and 1.4 dichlorobenzene
which are highlighted by mass media because those ingredients usually contain in humidifier sterilizer.
And we also do not use carcinogen(Paraben, Phthalate group).

the result of KCL’s examination on Normal Perfume.
l ANORMAL reveals all ingredients of Normal Perfume l

We only use 13 safe organic ingredients for having deodorant and antibacterial effect
– Cypress
Cypress has a significant anti-bacterial effect on bacteria because it has a rich Phytocide which does deodorant effectively due to its strong antibacterial characteristic.
– Centella Asoatoca Extract
Centella Asoatoca has a strong skin protection and moisturizing effect.
– Grapefruit Extract
Grapefruit Extract has a strong inhibition of oxidization so it is widely used as a natural preservative by preserving food against oxygen and bacteria.
–Magnolia Kobus bark Extract
Magnolia Kobus bark has a moisturizing effect on skin and it kills germs at the same time.
– Persimmon Extract
Persimmon Extract contains a strong deodorant agent and such agent allows you to eliminate a bad odor quickly.
– White willow bark Extract
White willow bark Extract has a calming effect on the skin.
– Green tea Extract
Normal perfume contains Green tea Extract instead of a chemical agent for creating hypoallergenic cosmetic.
– Star anise Extract
Star anise Extract has a strong calming effect on skin.
– Camomile Extract
Camomile Extract is specialized in preservation and it also has a strong calming effect.
- Pinus Palustris Leaf Extract
Pinus Palustris Leaf Extract was certified its preventive ability.
- Bambusa Textilis Stem Extract
Bambusa Textilis Stem Extract has a great prevention against putrefaction
- Portulaca Oleracea Extract
Portulaca Oleracea Extract has both antibacterial and moisturizing effects.
- Thujopsis Dolabrata Branch Extract
Thujopsis Dolabrata Branch Extract can protect skin against external environment and preventive ability.
– Purified water, Plant based ethanol, Deodorant, Plant based preservative, Higher alcohol group 5 %

Normal Perfume contains only natural ingredients which were classified its safety and function from a long-term usage and
adds a tiny amount of chemical ingredients for maintaining its effect for long.
Whole ingredients of Normal Perfume are carefully checked by authorized test laboratory
and ANORMAL uses only such ingredients for guaranteeing its safety.

The ingredients of Normal Perfume are top level of the world which exports to France and Normal Perfume
contains a luxury fragrance being made by a professional perfumer
Can you convince the imported materials

without any doubt?

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to inspect all ingredients from overseas whether
those ingredients contain the harmful substances. As a result, allergenic ingredients are

detected in 80 percentage of air fresheners, deodorants which are available in market
(Announced by The Ministry of Environment)

Normal Perfume does not use unclear ingredients but use only safe and clear ingredients and
such highest quality ingredients are exported to France, the UK, European nations, the USA and Japan.
Applying the same standard of inspection as HACCP(Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point System) to ingredients
Our ingredients are “safe” and “sanitary” which are applied the test conditions of HACCP to whole manufacturing process.

Eliminate all unpleasant odors and spread a subtle and soft fragrance over

your cloth via Normal Perfume.
How to use Normal Perfume

1. Spray Normal Perfume 20 ~ 30 CM far from fabrics (such as garment, bedding, curtains)
- It is a hypoallergenic product. So you can apply it everywhere as much as you want even in the living room, toilet and inside car.
- Eliminate an unpleasant odor and spread a subtle and soft fragrance over your cloth
2. Wait a while until drying the moisture of Normal Perfume
- Normal Perfume not only covers the scent over odor but also has antibacterial effect and deodorant on a place that you want. Feel free to use it delicately because it does not combine with body odor. So subtle fragrance lasts for long without unpleasant odors

Product composition
Product name : Normal deodorant

Purpose of product – Spray type of fabric perfume for deodorant and eliminating unpleasant odors in garment, couch, shoes and inner places

Manufacturing company – © AD International / 19, Songpobaeksong-gil, Ilsanseo-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea 10212
The ownership of Technology – © AD International
How to use and Cautions

1. Spray 2 to 3 times 10~20CM far from a target place.
2. You can spray it several times depending on its size.
3. If you excessively use it one spot, it may cause stains.
4. Do not shed light on the product. It may spoil its function and ingredients.
5. Store it at room temperature (Too high and low temperature may spoil its function).
6. Do not use it for other purposes.
7. Do not store it close to your children.
8. If the liquid contacts with eye or stimulates your skin, rinse it with enough water. In the case of drinking the liquid, please see a doctor immediately after drinking much water.
9. Please do the test on an inner part of cloth before applying it to some fabrics* because those cloth materials can be shrunk or transformed.
*Which are vulnerable to water such as silk, rayon and pure linen or waterproofing cloth, leather, wool.
10. Please keep the remains in a container after use. It can be abused.
11. Ventilate the room if you use it in a sealed room.
This product is suitable for passing the safety standard of potentially harmful products under the registration and assessment of Chemical materials law.
Self-examination number : C-A10B-H055001_A160

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[A X NORMAL] Normal Perfumes - Ivory Downy

[A X NORMAL] Normal Perfumes - Ivory Downy

Best hot item in Korea in 2017. It is the best seller sold 300,000 a year.
Allergen Free Air Fresheners fabric mist Normal Perfumes.

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